Listen to the GRANDSONS
The Grandsons at private parties and receptions:

The Grandsons have had great success adapting their energetic and personable stage show for wedding receptions and parties. At wedding receptions, we usually start off with "cocktail hour" instrumentals and try to be more subdued and in the background. After dinner, we break into more dance-inducing songs, as heard at our club shows. In addition, we maintain a good selection of acoustic and brass band songs that we can play unplugged if the situation should arise. Often in a multi-room or indoor-outdoor reception we have been able to bring the music to where the guests are if they don't end up congregating where we set up initially. Except electricity, we bring everything we need to be self-sufficient. We bring a CD player for music during breaks and our microphone is available in case anyone needs to make an announcement or give a toast. Besides being charming and a lot of fun, The Grandsons are extremely conscientious, cooperative and accommodating--and punctual. We go all out to help make a reception a big success. And be sure that the Grandsons are willing and able to travel nationally or internationally to perform for your event.

Since we don't book through an agency, The Grandsons' fee is slightly under average compared to typical reception bands. If you would like us to quote a fee for your event, please call or email The Grandsons giving us the date and location of your event. Our fee varies because some times of year are busier than others and because geography may impact our routing and touring schedule. To request a quote send an Email to, or Phone: 703 243 9378


"Dear Alan and Grandsons,
Your sounds were marvelous. Such positive feedback and comments I have heard; when we returned home to California the following Monday, there were four messages on the answering machine telling us what a wonderful fun wedding it was and every single one raved about the tone set by the band--The Grandsons...A million thanks for a job well done."

"Hey Chris and Alan,
We owe you a big thank you for the amazing job you did at our wedding. You made the place rock. Everybody was talking about our "awesome band." Personally, I was a nervous wreck until I hit the dance floor to "Would You Be Mine." Yup, rock & roll can make even a groom feel at ease. Thanks again for making ours a rockin' wedding!"

"Hey Guys,
I wanted to thank you guys for doing a great job at our wedding... You guys sounded great and everybody had a great time. We got lots of compliments for picking you guys to be the entertainment. We just wanted to thank you because we didn't the night of the wedding. We are going to try and make it out to some of your gigs so we'll see you then. Thanks again."

"What can I say but WOW! You guys did a great job! You made our reception really memorable and special...The next day most of our guests came over for brunch and I think everyone of them said "What a great band !" I think you have a new following in the Philly and NYC area! Even my parents (with whom I have argued about music since I was 10) loved you."

"Dear Grandsons,
I just had to send a note to thank you for all you did for my wedding. If one more person tells me how great the band at my wedding smile will become permanent! [W]e had such a great time at our own wedding and give the four of you much of the credit. My father had made a request to be far away from the band as he was afraid you would be a regular wedding band...Ha! He is the one we couldn't get off the dance floor! Now that's how I know it was a great event! Thank you for your exceptional work! You are the best!"

"You guys were fantastic! Thank you for your wonderful music. It made our wedding reception that much more memorable. Everyone really enjoyed you! Good luck, and a sincere thanks!"

"You guys were great at our wedding. We've heard many raves since we have gotten back. My boss says her husband listens to his new CDs constantly. Bravo!"


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